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Our Animals
Some information on the animals we stock
Small Animals
Our baby syrian hamsters are all of a sound quality, lovable and have their own cheeky little characters. Please note that due to the territorial nature of the baby syrian hamster, these will not be sold in pairs and are to be homed in their own secluded habitat away from other hamsters. The baby syrian hamster is nocturnal and loves treats and to be handled.
Our rabbits are all babies and are well handled (they love soft cuddles and to be stroked!) We try to stock different breeds to suit a variety of tastes and all of our rabbits can be kept inside or outside.
Guinea Pig
These cheeky little fellows can be kept inside or outside. The Guinea Pig is originally from Peru, enjoy to live paired up with another guinea pig and absolutely adore attention, cuddles and lots of treats!
Budgies / Canaries
When in season we always have stock of Budgies and canaries. We stock many different types and colours. We also stock Baby Budgies all year round in a rainbow of colours for your choosing.
The cockatiel is a natural mimic by nature, so don't be surprised to hear it copy you whispering a hearty melody or even the odd phrase! They enjoy acrobatics and love to dance too. When they are in season we hold stock of different coloured Cockatiels.
Hand Reared Parrots
Our hand reared parrots are also natural mimics, we hold stock of these when they are in season.
Coldwater Fish
Our cold water fish are beautiful. WE stock goldfish, shubunkins, fantails, moors and larger fish for ponds!
Our Policy
While we are a friendly and helpful store when it comes to making a decision on the future of an animal we stock we will have the final say on whether or not you are able to buy from us.

Our animals love to go to forever homes, not to be be illtreated or bought and sold when a child grows bored or an adult grows tired of them.

If we have any reason to believe that each and every animal we sell will not be treated with love, care and attention, we will refuse sale.